Simon Community Visit

1 Jun

About three weeks ago, volunteers and homeless women from the Simon Community embarked on our first trip out to the Women’s Library and we haven’t stopped talking about it since.  The Simon Community is a homeless charity in North London. Along with many other services, we provide a Women’s Group every week where homeless women and Community volunteers cook a meal together, chat and relax in a kind and equal space. The Women’s group has now been running for nine months. We had always talked about venturing out for a group trip and the All Work and No Pay exhibition seemed like the best place to start!  Everyone really enjoyed the exhibition, especially seeing photos from women in work throughout the ages, the various protests that have allowed us more equality in the workplace and the small but powerful things like the great badges! We also enjoyed the end of the exhibition where visitors were asked to leave comments about their experiences of being a woman in the workplace which sparked conversations and debates within the group and later over dinner. It was excellent to have a tour guide for the exhibition as well so we could ask questions and enjoy the exhibition at our own pace. We were very pleased to be welcomed by the Women’s Library and all the staff were very friendly. Not every place in London accepts homeless people, especially homeless women so warmly. Being a homeless woman in London is very challenging and we at the Simon Community strive to provide a safe and friendly space to enable women to feel empowered and have the ability to make their own informed choices. Many of our guests have not been to museums or group outings in years and this exhibition showed all of us how far women’s equality has come but also how far we have to go. The exhibition also inspired the women in the Simon Community to ensure that we continue to strive for equality for women everywhere, including the workplace and the streets.  It was a really great afternoon out at the Women’s Library and we are already planning our next trip!           

To find out more about the Simon Community, visit here

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