Introducing the team: Clare Rose

27 Mar
Clare Rose

Clare Rose, exhibition curator

Clare Rose was the Exhibition researcher for ‘All Work and Low Pay’, selecting key documents from The Women’s Library and the TUC Archive Collections to create the backbone of the exhibition. She also sourced artefacts and images to bring the narrative alive, finding them in museum collections and even in the local pub, and she wrote the exhibition texts. She has been working as a curator and researcher for over twenty years, specialising in textiles and in women’s history. In 2009 she was the Vera Douie Fellow at The Women’s Library, collecting interviews, photographs and surviving garments from 1970s feminists on ‘The Politics of Appearance’. This research formed part of the exhibition ‘MsUnderstood: Feminism Since 1970’ and  was featured in radio interviews and the national press,  including this article on the liberation look.

Clare Rose has also written several books and numerous articles on the history of fashion, including a set of volumes on ‘Clothing, Society and Culture’ (with Vivienne Richmond, 2005 Douie Fellow at TWL).

These highlight past issues surrounding clothing for women, both as producers and consumers. Many of these issues are highly relevant today; in 2010 she presented a text from 1910 at a meeting about garment workers organised by Fashioning an Ethical Industry. Her other specialism is the history of childhood, and she has written and lectured on this, including appearing in programs for Radio 4.

Clare Rose currently teaches for the Open University and the Victoria & Albert Museum; details of her activities are on her website,

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